History Browser Tab Layout

The History Browser appears in a separate tab of the AccuRev GUI's multiple-tab display.

History Browser Tab Overview

The History Browser tab is divided into three panes:

  • The Summary pane displays a group of transactions, one per line. This pane displays overall information: transaction number, timestamp, transaction type, etc.
  • The Comment pane shows the comment string, if any, that was specified for the currently-selected transaction.
  • The Versions pane shows all the versions that were involved in the currently-selected transaction. It also indicates which change packages, if any, those versions belong to (Issues column).

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The Summary Pane

The summary pane displays a table containing a set of transactions, one per row. Each row of the summary pane's table displays the following information about an individual transaction:


A timestamp, indicating when the transaction took place.


The kind of transaction: keep, promote, etc.


The principal-name of the user who initiated the transaction.

# (transaction number)

The unique number (within this depot) of the transaction.


(only for transactions involving an individual element) The real version or virtual version of the element that was created in this transaction. This column doesn't appear in displays of a stream's history or an entire depot's history; the version(s) created by the transaction appear in the Versions pane.


The first line of the user-supplied comment for this transaction. If the comment extends to additional lines, an ellipsis ("dot dot dot") appears here. For the full text of the comment, look in the Comment pane.

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The Comment Pane

The Comment pane displays the full text of the user-supplied comment for the transaction currently selected in the Summary pane.

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The Versions Pane

The Versions pane displays a table of all the versions, if any, created by the currently selected (highlighted) transaction in the Summary pane.

Element (or separate "Name" and "In Folder" columns)

The element's pathname within the depot.

Virtual Version
Real Version

The two version-IDs of this version. The real version-ID indicates the workspace stream where the version was originally created. The virtual version-ID is different if this transaction records:

  • a promotion of the version to a dynamic stream (Promote command), or
  • a check-out of the version to a workspace (Send to Workspace or Anchor command)

See Real Versions and Virtual Versions.


(transactions in a workspace stream only) The predecessor version, which this version was derived from.


(keep transaction recorded by the Merge command only) The "from" version to the merge operation that created this version.


(keep transaction recorded by the Patch command only) The "from" version to the patch operation that created this version.


The AccuWork issue records (change packages) to which this version has been added. The value in this field is influenced by the show current change package checkbox. See Show Current Change Package Checkbox for more information.

Features for Third-Party Issue Tracking System (ITS)

If you have enabled AccuRev to work with a third-party ITS, the Versions Pane displays controls that let you display AccuWork issue numbers, third-party ITS issue keys, neither, or both.

The first time you display the History Browser, AccuRev displays an informational message alerting you to this feature.

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