Adding a Stream to a Depot

You can use the New Stream command to add a stream to a depot.

Types of Streams

New streams can be one of three types:

  • Dynamic. Dynamic streams change over time, when new versions are promoted from child workspaces or other dynamic streams. Dynamic streams also inherit versions from their parent stream.
  • Snapshot. Snapshot streams are immutable: they capture the configuration of their parent stream at a particular time. A snapshot stream cannot be renamed or modified in any way (for example, nothing can be promoted to it).
  • Pass-through. Pass-through streams are used to group their child streams. Any version promoted to a pass-through stream is automatically promoted to the pass-through stream's parent.

New streams are always created as the child of an existing stream.

Note: Gated and staging streams are special types of streams. Although they are displayed in the Web UI StreamBrowser, gated streams can be created only using the AccuRev desktop client or CLI; staging streams cannot be created explicitly. (AccuRev creates staging streams automatically as children of gated streams.) For more information, see Using Streams to Enforce Process in the AccuRev Admin Help.

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Choosing a Basis Time

When you add a stream to a depot, you have to specify its basis time. Among other things, the basis time affects whether or not a stream continues to inherit versions from its parent stream. There are three types of basis times you can assign to a new stream:

  • None: No basis time. The new stream inherits the versions currently in its parent stream and continues to inherit subsequent versions that are promoted to its parent. This choice is disabled if you specified Snapshot for the stream type.
  • Now: The basis time is set at the time the stream is created. The new stream inherits the versions currently in its parent stream but does not inherit any subsequent versions promoted to its parent. Streams with a Now basis are similar to Snapshot streams in this regard, but you cannot promote into a Snapshot. You can promote into a stream with a Now basis.
  • As transaction #: The basis time is set to the time of the transaction number you enter. A transaction is the record of a particular change to the repository. The new stream inherits the versions that were in its parent stream at the time the specified transaction was created.

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Creating a New Stream

You can create new streams in the StreamBrowser, or in the Streams pane in the File Browser.

To create a new stream:

  1. Navigate to the StreamBrowser or the Streams pane in the File Browser.
  2. Select the stream that you want as the parent of the new stream you are adding.
  3. Right-click the parent stream and choose New Stream from the context menu.

    Alternative: In the StreamBrowser, click the New Stream button () on the toolbar.

    The New Stream dialog box appears:

  1. Enter a name for the new stream. Stream names can be up to 79 characters long. They can contain upper- or lower-case letters, digits, spaces, hyphens, underscores, periods, and the
    '+' and '@' characters. Names cannot begin with a digit or a period.

The Basis field displays the parent of the stream you are adding. This field is not editable.

  1. Pick a stream type. See Adding a Stream to a Depot if you need help with this step.
  2. Choose a basis time for the new stream. See Choosing a Basis Time if you need help with this step.
  3. Click Ok.

The new stream is added to the depot as a child of the stream you chose in Step 2.

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