Removing a Stream

You use the Remove command to hide a stream, snapshot, or workspace in the StreamBrowser.

Remove Overview

Hidden items do not appear in the StreamBrowser, nor do they appear in searches you invoke using the Look up Stream command. Note that the Remove command does not remove the object from the depot.

Note the following restrictions for use of the Remove command:

  • Remove is disabled for parent streams—that is, any stream that has a child stream, snapshot, or workspace.
  • To remove a workspace, you must be logged in as the user who owns the workspace.

To invoke the Remove command, right-click a stream and choose Remove from the context menu.

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Effect of Remove

In addition to hiding a stream, snapshot, or workspace in the StreamBrowser, the Remove command disables some operations. For example, you cannot work in a removed workspace. You can, however, promote versions to a removed stream.

In order to fully restore a removed stream, snapshot, or workspace, you must reactivate it. See Reactivating a Stream.

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