Synchronization Behavior Defined by the AccuSync Configuration

The details of how AccuSync synchronizes AccuWork issues with issues in an ITS project are described in the AccuSync configuration. You use a separate AccuSync Configuration for each AccuRev depot you want to synchronize with an ITS project.

The information in an AccuSync Configuration includes:

  • Connection settings for the AccuWork and ITS systems that host the issues you want to synchronize.
  • The specific fields in these issues whose data you want to synchronize. For example, you might want to map the Comments field in an AccuWork issue to the Description field in an ITS issue, and you might choose not to synchronize a field that is peculiar to one system. You can create a mapping definition, a named group of field mappings, and use it as a building block to create other, more specialized mapping definitions. You might have different mapping definitions for defects and tasks, for example.
  • How frequently you want AccuSync to synchronize AccuWork with your ITS. You can perform an initial synchronization of all issues in a depot based on a transaction number or date you specify. After the initial synchronization, you can use a synchronization pattern to schedule synchronization of AccuWork issues and ITS issues at any interval you specify. You can also perform synchronizations manually whenever you choose.
  • Whether you want AccuSync to perform two-way synchronization of issue and change package data, or whether you want to use one-way synchronization to capture issue data from your ITS (or vice-versa). Synchronization patterns in the default AccuSync configuration are defined as two-way but you can change them. See Synchronization Types for more information.
  • Optional transformers that let you convert values in one system to different values in the other. For example, you can use transformers to strip the @domain_name suffix from user names for inclusion in an AccuWork issue. You can also create custom transformers.

See AccuSync Configuration Components for a complete list of the components that can make up an AccuSync Configuration.