Removing branches or repositories

This topic describes the manual procedures required to import a repository and remove a branch or repository .

Remove a branch

There is no GitCentric Delete Branch feature. To remove a branch that has been mapped to an AccuRev stream, use the following procedure:

  1. Ensure that the Force option is applied to the Push and Push Annotated Tag permissions for the repo (see Access).
  2. Use the GitCentric config-branch CLI command (see config-branch) to clear any GitCentric mappings:
    ssh -p 29418 <username>@<server> gitcentric config-branch
      --branch <branchname> <reponame> --clear

    Alternative: On the AccuRev Connector panel (Administration > Repositories > AccuRev Connector), select the mappings associated with the branch you intend to delete and click the Delete button.

  3. Use the standard Git command to delete the branch:
    git branch -d $branch
  4. Push the change.

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Remove a repository

There is no Delete Repository feature in the GitCentric GUI. You should not remove a repository from disk. Instead, set the description to OBSOLETE and set the ACLs so that only the Administrator group can see it.

If you are certain you want to remove a repository, consider using the GitCentric delete-repo command. For details, see delete-repo.

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