Authenticate using IdP

Available in versions: ALM 14.x

To receive services from the ALM Platform, the application must provide an authentication token as a cookie in the request header.

One way to obtain this token is to be authenticated by an external Identity Provider (IdP), following the WS_Trust authentication protocol.

Supported authentication types: Basic authentication (username & password) and certificate-based authentication (Available from ALM 14.00 Patch 1).

This authentication mechanism requires you to develop your own authentication flow to acquire a Light Weight Single Sign On (LWSSO) token for ALM APIs from the IdP and IdM. For details on the required authentication flow, see the 14.x help. To download the help, see Earlier Help Center Versions.

Cookie expiration is also handled by the IdP and not by ALM.

For details on other authentication options, see Authenticate using API keys and Authenticate using LWSSO.

See also the General Notes and Limitations.