A collection resource is a container for instance resources of a single type. For example, the defects collection contains resources that represent ALM defects.

A collection resource is accessed with a URI of format:  https://{server}[:port]/qcbin/api/domains/{domain name}/projects/{project name}/{collection name}. For example: https://myserver:8080/qcbin/api/domains/DEFAULT/projects/PEMBERLY/defects

Collections support HTTP methods:

  • GET
  • PUT
  • POST

Actions on Collections

Query a Collection

Create an Instance

Update Multiple Instances

Delete: Use a query to delete multiple instances. 

Caution: It is possible to delete or update all of the instances in a collection if no query is specified, or if the query fails to return a limited set of IDs. 

For example:
 This will successfully delete all locks in the project:  

DELETE /qcbin/api/domains/{domain}/projects/{project}/locks

This will update all test instances in the project to FAILED status

PUT /qcbin/rest/domains/{domain}/projects/{project}/test-instances/ 
{parameter:entity type=test-instance, field name=status, value=FAILED}
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