LoadEx Method
Downloads the storage structure to the client file system.
Visual Basic
Public Function LoadEx( _
   ByVal FSysFilter As String, _
   ByVal synchronize As Boolean, _
   ByRef pVal As List, _
   ByRef pNonFatalErrorOccured As Boolean _
) As String
A file system filter.
If True, the operation is synchronous.
The error that occurred was non-fatal. This value is meaningful only for synchronous transfers.
Return Type
The path on the client machine to which the files were downloaded.

If the filter is an empty string, all files with all subdirectories are uploaded to the server.

If a phrase in the filter begins with "-r", it is applied recursively to all sub-directories. If a phrase in the filter begins with -x, it indications exclusion.

For example, the filter "Austen.txt, -r Novels\*.* -x Emma.txt" returns the file Austen.txt and all files and folders under the Novels directory except Emma.txt.

If the operation is synchronous, the process begins and is not checked for status until the process is completed. If the operation is asynchronous, the Load method initiates the download immediately and continuously checks if the download is finished. Check the ActionFinished Property periodically, and use the GetLastError Method to see if the operation succeeded.

Only one asynchronous operation using ExtendedStorage can run at one time. If you start an asynchronous operation using ExtendedStorage, do not start another until ActionFinished returns a non-zero value.

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