ICustomizationField Interface
Services for customizing project fields.
Public Properties
Public Property ColumnNameThe column name.
Public Property ColumnTypeThe database column type: char, date, memo, number, or time.
Public Property DefaultValueThe default value of the field.
Public Property EditMaskThe input mask for string fields.
Public Property FieldSizeThe size of the field in the database. For BLOB fields, the size is -1.
Public Property GrantModifyMaskThe bit mask that indicates which user groups can modify the field.
Public Property IsActiveIndicates if the field is active. Inactive user-defined fields are not visible in the user interface.
Public Property IsByCodeIndicates if the field stores the Tree Node ID, rather than the passed value.
Public Property IsCanFilterChecks if the field is filter-enabled.
Public Property IsCustomizableIndicates if the field is displayed in the customization user interface.
Public Property IsEditIndicates if the field can be edited.
Public Property IsHistoryIndicates if change history is stored for the field.
Public Property IsKeyChecks if the field is a database key field.
Public Property IsMailIndicates if Users on the list to be notified of changes are notified when this field is changed.
Public Property IsRequiredChecks if the field is required.
Public Property IsSystemChecks if the field is a system field.
Public Property IsTransitionLogicIndicates if the field has transition logic.
Public Property IsVerifyIndicates if the field requires verification.
Public Property IsVisibleInNewBugIndicates if the field is visible for the specified groups in a new defect form.
Public Property KeyOrderThe position of the field in multi-field database key (1-based).
Public Property ListThe CustomizationList assigned to the field.
Public Property NewCreatedIndicates if the field was created but not posted to the server.
Public Property OwnerSensibleMaskThe bit mask that indicates for which groups this field can be modified only by its owner.
Public Property RootIdIf the field contains a list, the ID of the list root node. If not, RootId is NULL.
Public Property TableNameThe name of the table that stores the active field.
Public Property TypeThe Field type.
Public Property UpdatedIndicates if the object has been modified since the last download from the server.
Public Property UserColumnTypeThe user column type: char, number, date, memo, or empty string.
Public Property UserLabelA user-defined field label.
Public Property VersionControlIndicates if the field is under version control.
Public Property VisibleForGroupsThe bit mask that indicates which user groups can see this field.
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