ALM Site Administration API Type Library
GetUser Method
Returns the user properties.
Visual Basic
Public Function GetUser( _
   ByVal UserName As String _
) As String
The user name.
Return Type

On success, returns an XML string containing the user properties.

Return Value Details

The properties that can be in the GetUser XML return string:

  • USER_ID    -    The new user ID number.
  • USER_NAME    -     The user name.
  • ACC_IS_ACTIVE    -    For internal use.
  • FULL_NAME    -    The full name of the user.
  • DOMAIN_ID    -    For internal use.
  • DOMAIN_NAME    -    For internal use.
  • EMAIL    -    The email of the user.
  • USER_PASSWORD    -    The encryption of the user password.
  • DESCRIPTION    -    The description of the user.
  • PHONE_NUMBER    -    The phone number of the user.
  • LAST_UPDATE - For internal use.
  • USERS_VERSION - For internal use.
  • US_REPORT_ROLE - For internal use.
Return Value Example

<?xml version="1.0"?>
            <LAST_UPDATE>2007-06-19 17:56:08</LAST_UPDATE>

Private Sub GetUser()

'The following Visual Basic example gets the properties
' of the user whose name is in the text box.
    Dim sReply As String
    On Error GoTo err
    sReply = m_SAClient.GetUser(Text1.Text)
    MsgBox sReply
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox "Program failed:" + err.Description
End Sub
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