ALM Site Administration API Type Library
SetDomainProperty Method
Sets a domain property and retrieves all domain properties.
Visual Basic
Public Function SetDomainProperty( _
   ByVal DomainName As String, _
   ByVal PropertyNumber As Long, _
   ByVal PropertyValue As String _
) As String
The domain name.

The property number you want to change. You can use the following constants or their values:

  • SA_DOMAIN_USERS_QUOTA (value :7)

The other domain properties in SA_DOMAIN_PROPERTY_OPTIONS are read-only.

The property value.
Return Type

On success, returns an XML string containing the domain properties.

Return Value Details
The properties of the SetDomainProperty XML return string

The following are the domain details:

  • DOMAIN_ID    -    The domain ID.
  • DOMAIN_NAME    -    The domain name.
  • PASSWORD    -    Not in use.
  • ADMIN_PASSWORD    -    Not in use.
  • PHYSICAL_DIRECTORY    -    The physical directory of the domain.
  • COMPANY_NAME    -    The company name. (Not used by ALM.)
  • CONTACT_NAME    -    The contact name. (Not used by ALM.)
  • CONTACT_EMAIL    -    The contact email. (Not used by ALM.)
  • USERS_QUOTA    -    The maximum number of concurrent connections in all projects of the domain. -1 indicates an unlimited number of connections.
  • DEFECTS_QUOTA    -    Not in use.
  • PROJECTS_QUOTA    -    Not in use.
  • FILESYSTEM_QUOTA    -    Not in use.
  • USERS_VERSION    -    Not in use.
  • PROJECTS_LIST    XML Root    The domain projects are in this list.

The following are the domain properties of the displayed projects:

  • PROJECT_NAME    -    The project name.
  • PR_IS_ACTIVE    -    Indicates if the project is active (Y/N).
  • SAQ_IS_ACTIVE    -    Indicates if SEND ALL QUALIFIED (defect email notifications) is active (Y/N).
Return Value Example
Private Sub SetDomainProperty()

'The following Visual Basic example changes the contact
' name in the domain property.
    Dim sDomainName As String
    Dim sReply As String

    On Error GoTo err
    sDomainName = "MyDomain"

    sReply = m_SAClient.SetDomainProperty(sDomainName, _
    MsgBox sReply
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox "Program failed:" + err.Description
End Sub
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