ALM Site Administration API Type Library
SetProjectProperty Method
Sets the specified property to a selected value and retrieves project properties.
Visual Basic
Public Function SetProjectProperty( _
   ByVal DomainName As String, _
   ByVal ProjectName As String, _
   ByVal PropertyNumber As Long, _
   ByVal PropertyValue As String _
) As String
The domain name.
The project name.

The property number you wish to change. You can use the following constants or their values:

  • SA_PROJECT_ACTIVE (value: 3)
  • SA_PROJECT_NAME (value: 4)
  • SA_PROJECT_USER_QUOTA (value: 6)

The property value.

Return Type

On success, returns an XML string containing the project properties.


The project must be deactivated in order to change the following properties: SA_PROJECT_DB_CONNECT_STRING, SA_PROJECT_NAME.

Property SA_PROJECT_DB_USER_PASSWORD applies to Oracle databases only.

Return Value Details

The properties of the XML return string:

  • PROJECT_ID    -    The ID number of the project.
  • PROJECT_NAME    -    The project name.
  • DESCRIPTION    -    The project description.
  • DOMAIN_ID    -    The domain ID number.
  • DOMAIN_NAME    -    The domain name.
  • DB_NAME    -    The database name.
  • DB_TYPE    -    The database type number: MS SQL (2), Oracle (3).
  • CREATE_FROM_PROJECT    -    The source project of the created project.
  • CREATE_FROM_DOMAIN    -    The source domain of the created project.
  • PHYSICAL_DIRECTORY    -    The physical directory of the project.
  • DB_NATIVE_AUTHENTICATION    -    Indicates if user login is handled by the operating system (MS_SQL Windows Authentication). If 'N', the authentication is handled explicitly using the user name and password.
  • DB_USER    -    The database administrator user name.
  • DB_USER_PASS    -    The database administrator password.
  • DBSERVER_NAME    -    The database server name.
  • DBCONNSTR_FORMAT    -    The database connection string.
  • DB_ENCRYPTED_CONNSTR    -    For internal use.
  • DB_DRIVER_CLASS_NAME    -   The name of the database manager connection class (JDBC driver class). 
  • PR_EXCEPTION_FILE - The pathname of the file that defines errors that the verify process ignores.
  • PROJECT_VERSION    -   The ALM version. 
  • PR_IS_ACTIVE    -    Indicates if the project is active (Y/N).
  • SAQ_IS_ACTIVE    -    Indicates if SEND ALL QUALIFIED is active (Y/N).
  • PR_IS_QPM_AUTO_CALC_ENABLED - Automatic KPI calculation is enabled (Y/N).
  • PR_HAS_VCSDB    -    Indicates if the project includes version control: (Y)es, (N)o, (D)isabled. This field appears only if version control is available.
  • USERS_QUOTA    -    The maximum number of concurrent connections. -1 indicates an unlimited number of connections.
  • PR_LANGUAGE    -    The search language.
  • PROJECT_TYPE - The type of project.
  • IS_TEMPLATE - Indicates whether this is a template project (Y/N).
  • PROJECT_UID - The project ID.
  • PR_SMART_REPOSITORY_ENABLED - One of: NO - not a smart repository; YES - smart repository; PENDING - offline migration completed and waiting for online migration; MIGRATING - online migration in progress.
  • PR_SR_GC_STATUS - Optimized repository garbage collection status.
  • PR_SR_GC_LAST_RUN_TIME - Optimized repository garbage collection last run time.
Private Sub SetProjectProperty()

'The following Visual Basic example sets the property
' for a project name.
'The project is deactivated, renamed, and
' then reactivated.
    Dim sDomainName As String
    Dim sProjectName As String
    Dim sReply As String

    On Error GoTo err
    sDomainName = "MyDomain"
    sProjectName = "MyProject"
    sReply = m_SAClient.DeactivateProject _
        (sDomainName, sProjectName)
    sReply = m_SAClient.SetProjectProperty _
        (sDomainName, sProjectName, _
        SA_PROJECT_NAME, "YourProject")
    MsgBox sReply
    sReply = m_SAClient.ActivateProject _
        (sDomainName, "YourProject")
Exit Sub
    MsgBox "Program failed:" + err.Description
End Sub
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