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Installation instructions

Resolved issues

The following issues were resolved in this release.

Global ID Issue Description
OCTCR43A190001 Rich text formatting is not kept when copied to ALM memo fields.
OCTCR43A1914 Should be able to set passwords longer than 20 characters in the DB Servers tab of Site Administration.

Failed to upgrade the Site Administration database if MSSQL WinAuth is used in deploying ALM.

OCTCR43A270002 Performance issue with projects checking in and checking out.
OCTCR43A240002 If you click a search result link in Global Search, a separate session opens and prompts you to log in to the ALM project again.
OCTCR43A44001 If there are anchor points in an entity's rich text field, the "Invalid Server Response" error occurs.

An error occurs when you open the Defects module.


After the upgrade to 15.5, the OLE error occurs when trying to change hosts.

OCTCR43A238026 When a user does not have permissions to import entities, the Excel add-in should show a correct error message related to the lack of permissions.