This Readme provides the latest information about ALM 17.0.1

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What's new? For a list of new enhancements in ALM, see What's New in ALM.
System requirements and supported environments For system requirements and supported environments information, see ALM System Requirements.
ALM add-ins and extensions For details on ALM add-ins and extensions, see ALM Add-ins and Extensions.
Integrations For details about the supported integrations for ALM, see ALM Integration Support Matrix.
Known issues For the list of known issues when working with ALM, see Known Issues.
Installation instructions

Resolved issues

The following issues were resolved in this release.

Global ID Issue Description
OCTCR43A339002 Cannot generate a project report when using a custom report template with an IF statement and the requirement or test description contains double quotation marks.
OCTCR43A364014 When clicking the Teams indicator of a user field from an entity's form, the entity's link is displayed as plain text instead of a clickable link.
OCTCR43A446021 The "Index was out of range" error occurs when checking the version history of a requirement.
OCTCR43A449001 Failed to log in with API keys on some nodes unless you create and remove an API key.