Attachments Page

This page enables you to add and manage attachments to ALM records. You can attach a file, URL, snapshot of your application, items from the Clipboard, or system information.

To access

Use one of the following:

  • Click the Attachments button in a toolbar.

  • Click the Attachments button in a dialog box sidebar.

  • Click the Attachments tab.

Important information
  • When you add an attachment, ALM adds the attachment icon to the record. You can click the icon to see a list of attachments.
  • You can set an upload size limit for attachments with the UPLOAD_ATTACH_MAX_SIZE site parameter.

Tip: Add an attachment by dragging and dropping the file from Windows Explorer onto the Attachments page.

For details, see Set configuration parameters.

Relevant tasks

Modify attachments

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


File. Opens the Open dialog box, enabling you to add a file attachment to an ALM record.

Tip: To add an email as an attachment to a record, save the email on your desktop and then use the Open dialog box to add it.

URL. Opens the Attach Uniform Resource Locator (URL) dialog box, enabling you to add a URL attachment to an ALM record. This can be any valid URL scheme such as HTTP, FTP, Gopher, News, Mailto, or File.

Snapshot. Opens the Snapshot dialog box, enabling you to add an image of your application to an ALM record. For details, see Snapshot Dialog Box.

Snapshot attachments are assigned a .jpg extension.

System Info. Opens the System Information dialog box, enabling you to attach system information about your machine to an ALM record.

System information attachments are assigned a .tsi extension.

Clipboard. Attaches the Clipboard content to an ALM record.

Copy a text string or an image to the Clipboard and click the Clipboard button. A text string is assigned a .txt extension. An image is assigned a .jpg extension.

Download and Open. Opens the selected attachment by downloading it to a local directory on your client machine and opening it in the associated application. You can view or modify an open attachment.

The attachment is saved on the client machine, under the following directory:


Upload Selected. Uploads the modified attachment to your ALM project. For details, see Modify attachments.

Save Attachment. Saves the copy of a selected attachment to your client machine.

Note: Not available when adding attachments to a new entity.

Delete Selected. Deletes the selected attachment. To select more than one attachment, use the Ctrl key.

Refresh All. Refreshes the list of attachments on the page.


The attachment name. An icon for the application associated with the attachment appears next to the name. To rename the attachment, right-click and select Rename.


The size of the attachment.


The date that the attachment was last modified.


Describes the attachment.

Click in the text box to display a toolbar for formatting and spell checking the text.