Test Lab Module Icons

This section describes the icons displayed in the Test Lab module.

To access

On the ALM sidebar, under Testing, select Test Lab.

See also

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


<green asterisk>. The applicable tab is populated.

Alerts. Click to view alerts for the test instance or test run.

  • Red alert. The alert is new.

  • Gray alert. The alert has already been read.

For details, see Use alerts.

Assigned Test Set Folder. A test set folder that is assigned to a cycle.

Attachments. Click to view attachments for the specified test instance or test run.

Open an attachment by selecting it from the list. If there are more than ten attachments, click the more attachments link to view the list in the Attachments Page. For details, see Attachments Page.

Follow Up Flags. Click to view follow up flags for the test instance or test run.

  • Gray flag. The follow up flag is new.

  • Red flag. The follow up date has arrived.

For details, see Follow up flags.

Linked Defects. Click to view linked defects for the test instance or test run. For user interface details, see Linked Defects/Entities Page.

Pinned Test Set. A test set that is pinned to a baseline. For concept details, see Pinned Test Sets.

Test Set Folder. A folder for organizing test sets.

Functional Test Set. A functional test set in the test sets tree.
Performance Test Set. A performance test set in the test sets tree.

Default Test Set. A default test set in the test sets tree.

Time Dependency. Click to modify the time dependency conditions of a test instance. For details, see Time Dependency Page.