Dynamic Date Area

This area enables you to set dynamic dates.

To access

From any Set Values page, select Set Dynamic Date.

Important information A dynamic date is a time relative to the current date (such as Today, WeekAgo).
Relevant tasks

Set parameter values

See also Set Values Dialog Box

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element Description

Displays <calendar area>, enabling you to select a fixed date value using a calendar.

Displays <dynamic date area>, enabling you to select a date that is relative to a fixed date.

<relative time frame>

Contains a list of relative time frames:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Tomorrow
  • WeekAgo
  • WeekFromToday
  • MonthAgo
  • MonthFromToday
  • YearAgo
  • YearFromToday

Date strings are not case-sensitive. For example, both [WeekAgo] and [Weekago] are valid values.


Determines whether the <offset> and <time period> values are added to (+) or subtracted from (-) the <relative time frame> value.


Contains a list of positive integers (including zero), enabling you to determine the number of days/weeks/months/years by which you want to adjust the relative time frame.

The maximum offset values that apply to time periods and used to modify date strings are:

  • 5000 for years
  • 60000 for months
  • 240000 for weeks
  • 1680000 for days


[today + 5000 years] is valid.

[today + 5001 years] is not valid.

<time period>

Contains a list of time periods, enabling you to adjust the relative time frame. The options are:

  • Day (or Days or D). Time period in days.
  • Week (or Weeks or W). Time period in weeks.
  • Month (or Months or M). Time period in months.
  • Year (or Years or Y). Time period in years.

Time periods used to modify date strings are not case-sensitive. For example, both [YearFromToday + 5 Months] and [YearFromToday + 5 months] are valid.

Spaces are not required in dynamic date values. For example, both [MonthFromToday + 3 w] and [MonthFromToday+3w] are valid.


  • [Tomorrow + 1 day]
  • [Today + 3 days]
  • [Yesterday - 5 d]
  • [Tomorrow - 1 week]
  • [Today + 2 weeks]
  • [MonthFromToday + 3 w]
  • [YearAgo - 1 month]
  • [YearFromToday + 5 months]
  • [Today + 3 m]
  • [Today - 1 year]
  • [Tomorrow + 2 years]
  • [WeekFromToday + 2 y]
<expression area>

Displays the expression created from selecting the <relative time frame>, <offset>, and <time period>.

You can also manually customize a date string by typing the value of the relative time frame and adding or subtracting a time period to or from it.