Set Values Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to set default and actual values for parameters at the component, flow, and test levels.

To access
  1. Click in a field or cell in which you want to set a value.

  2. Click the drop-down arrow on the right side of the cell or field, if an arrow exists.

Important information
  • The structure and fields of the dialog box change depending on:

    • The location from which you opened the dialog box
    • The radio buttons or buttons you selected in this dialog box
  • All parameter values are internally stored as strings, regardless of how the parameter values are specified. For example, you can set a value as a date, using a calendar. But when the value is stored and compared to other values, it is compared as a string.

  • Table parameters, which represent packaged app tables, are only available when a flow is learned using BPT Packaged Apps Kit. For details, see Edit Table Parameter Dialog Box.

  • You can provide a default value in case a value is not supplied for the run.

Relevant tasks

Set Value dialog box views are described below.