Test Plan Module Window for Business Process Testing

This version of the Test Plan module window enables you to define and maintain business process tests and flows.

To access

On the ALM sidebar, under Testing, select Test Plan. Select a business process test or flow in the test plan tree.

Important information

The Test Plan module for Business Process Testing differs from the Test Plan module for other ALM test types. This section describes the elements that are significant specifically when designing business process tests and flows.

Relevant tasks

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User interface elements unique to Business Process Testing are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element (A - Z)


<Test Plan for Business Process Testing module common UI elements>

<Test plan tree>

Organizes and displays your tests hierarchically.

Note: In previous versions of ALM and Quality Center, the BPT Resources folder was created in the Test Plan module. For business process tests or flows to perform properly in ALM, this folder and its subfolders should not be renamed or deleted. In ALM, the BPT Resources folder no longer exists in the Test Plan module. This folder, which contains the business component resources in the project, is created automatically in the Test Resources module the first time you click the Automation tab in a new project, when you create a UFT One automated component for the first time, or when UFT One connects to ALM for the first time.


Enables you to view the entities, such as flows and business components, that comprise a test. These entities are defined as criteria, and are used for the purposes of analyzing requirement coverage at a more granular level. For task details, see Create requirement coverage for flows and business components.


Lists the business process test or flow fields. For details on fields specifically for Business Process Testing, see Test Plan Module Fields for Business Process Testing.


Lists parameters associated with the currently selected test or flow. Enables you to define parameters at the test and flow level. Parameters can be incorporated in the test's or flow's components' steps. For task details, see Work with parameters, iterations, and configurations.

Test Configurations

Enables you to define and update test configurations. For details specific to Business Process Testing, see Generate test configurations for business process tests. For task details, see the ALM help: Test configurations.

Test Script

Enables you to build the structure of the business process test or flow by adding business components (and, in the case of tests, flows). For details, see Test Script Tab for Business Process Testing.