Test Plan module menu and buttons for Business Process Testing

This section describes the additional menus and buttons available in the Test Plan module for Business Process Testing.

To access

On the ALM sidebar, under Testing, select Test Plan. Select a business process test or flow in the test plan tree.

Important information

Tip: You can access the menu bar from the Test Plan module for Business Process Testing by pressing the shortcut key Alt.

Relevant tasks

Create business process tests and flows

See also

Test Plan Module Window for Business Process Testing

User interface elements unique to Business Process Testing are described below:

UI Elements Available from Description
Detect Changes


Opens the Automatic Runner dialog box, which enables you to run learned tests and flows in change detection mode.

Available for: Learned business process test and flows, when BPT Packaged Apps Kit is enabled in Customization.

Convert to Component


Opens the Select Destination Folder dialog box, which enables you to convert existing ALM manual tests to manual components. For user interface details, see Select Destination Folder Dialog Box.

Available for: ALM manual tests



Deletes the selected business process tests, flows, or folders.


Additional cautions for Business Process Testing include:

  • You cannot delete any component or flow that is used by a business process test.
  • Any removed flow, test, or test folder is permanently deleted. The test or flow is removed from all test sets and the run history is erased.
  • It is highly recommended that you do not run a business process test or flow from the Unattached folder. Move the test or flow to a valid folder in the Test Plan tree before running it.
Test Details

<right-click menu>

Opens the Test Details dialog box, displaying the details of the selected test or flow.

For user interface details specific for Business Process Testing, see Test Details Dialog Box for Business Process Testing.