Web Client FAQs

This section answers some of the questions frequently asked about ALM Web Client.

What browsers does Web Client support?

Web Client is purely web-based, so it works with any browser including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge, and runs on any type of PC or tablet with a browser.

For more information about the support matrix for Web Client, see Prerequisites for Web Client.

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What can I do in Web Client?

You can do most of the common end-user tasks in Web Client, with the following modules: Dashboard, Releases, Requirements, Test Plan, Test Lab, and Defects. You can implement customizable workflow using JavaScript language as well.

Web Client has a modern user interface that provides a productive work environment. Web Client functionality is evolving in each release. See the following table for details:

Module Functionality 24.1 17.0.x 16.0.x 15.5.x 15.0.x
Dashboard > Analysis View            
Dashboard > Dashboard View   View only View only View only View only  
Management > Releases CRUD      
Requirements > Requirements CRUD      
Requirement tree      
Requirement grid          
Linked defects      
Requirement traceability          
Test Coverage

Starting from 17.0.1

Coverage analysis          
Traceability matrix          
Version control View only View only      
Testing > Test Plan CRUD    
Test Plan tree    
Test grid          
Test configurations          
Requirement coverage View only

View only

Starting from 17.0.1

Linked defects    
Version control View only View only View only    
Testing > Test Lab CRUD      
Execution grid Manual tests only
Execution flow          
Linked defects    
Testing > Test Runs          
Project Customization User Properties * * * * *
Project users * * * * *
Groups and permissions * * * * *
Module access * * * * *
Project entities * * * * *
Requirement types * * * * *
Risk-based quality management          
Project lists * * * * *
Automail * * * * *
Alert users          


  • Blank: Unsupported

  • : Supported

  • *: These customizations should be defined using ALM Desktop Client. Existing customizations can all be used in Web Client.

  • CRUD: Create, read, update, and delete

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Can I run UFT tests with Web Client?

Yes, with the ALM Test Execution Agent configured on your host machine, you can trigger UFT tests and view the results (passed/failed) in Web Client.

For details, see Run tests automatically.

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Does Web Client have any features to enforce processes?

You can use customizable workflow scripts to implement controls.

For details, see Customize workflow.

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Does Web Client consume a full ALM license?

Because Web Client has most of the common functionality, it consumes a full ALM/Quality Center license.

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