AUT Pools Module

This module enables you to view and manage AUT Pools.

To access

On the Lab Management sidebar, under LoadRunner Enterprise, select AUT Pools.

Relevant tasks

The AUT Pools module is available only in Lab Management.

See also

AUT Resources Overview

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Elements


<Common Menus and Toolbars>

For details on AUT Pools module menus and toolbars, see AUT Resource Module Menus and Buttons.

<AUT Pools grid>

Displays the AUT Pools defined in the system.

Description tab

Displays the main details and a description about the AUT Pool.

Tip: Right-click the Description area for edit and format options.

Linked Hosts tab

Enables you to add AUT hosts to the selected pool and remove hosts from the pool. For details, see Linked Hosts Page.

History tab

Lists changes made to the selected AUT Pool. For details, see Display ALM history.