System requirements

This section describes the system requirements for installing ALM Quality Insight.

Note: ALM Quality Insight must be installed on a dedicated machine, separate from the ALM server machine.

Hardware requirements

Operating System (Windows)
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016
Operating System (Linux)

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 (64-bit) or higher


Quad Core AMD64 processor or equivalent x86-compatible processor

Memory (RAM)

Recommended: 32 GB

Supported: 16 GB

Free disk space

Ratio of 1:5 between the size of the ALM database and Quality Insight. For example, if your ALM database is 20 GB, then you need at least 100 GB of free disk space for Quality Insight.

There is an option to change the location where Quality Insight data is stored, such as to a shared location. In this case, the above requirements would apply for the specified location where the data is saved.

Note: If you need to choose between faster CPUs or more cores, choose more cores. The extra concurrency that multiple cores offers will far outweigh a slightly faster clock speed.

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Network requirements

To prevent network access to Quality Insight data, make sure that the Quality Insight machine is protected behind a firewall, and that only the ALM server and other trusted machines can access it.

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Software requirements


Java JDK 8


Permissions (Windows)


Permissions (Linux)

sudoer user

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