This section explains the preparations that are needed to set up an equivalent environment in OpenText SaaS.

Check your ALM/QC version

Provide the exact version of your ALM/QC environment.

To check the ALM/QC version, go to the Site Administration > Help > About page.

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Inform if your ALM/QC environment integrates with the following systems:

Client-side integrations Whether or not your users are using any client-side integrations with tools such as UFT, BPT, Word add-in, Excel add-in, and extensions.

ALM Synchronizer

OpenText Connect

Whether or not ALM Synchronizer or OpenText Connect connectors are hosted on-premises and are used to sync data between ALM and third-party applications, such as Jira and TFS.
AutoPass License Server Whether or not AutoPass License Server is hosted on-premises or is required to be installed on OpenText SaaS for the license management of UFT (QTP).
User authentication systems Whether or not any integration of ALM/QC with user authentication systems is required, such as LDAP and SSO.

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Client machines

Complete the following tasks for client machines.

Download ALM client components to ALM client machines.

Consider the following when downloading ALM client components:

  • When you connect to ALM for the first time, you should have admin permissions on your client machines to download ALM client components.

  • If you do not have admin permissions on your client machines, do MSI deployment to install client components on the client machines.

  • Install the MSI Generator and test it when it is provisioned in OpenText SaaS.

    Start this task early as it may take some time and must be completed before the production migration starts.

Verify your client machines are compatible to ALM system requirements.

Verify that your client machines are compatible to access and use the required version of ALM in OpenText SaaS.

For details, see Support Matrix.

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If a VPN tunnel is required to have a direct connection between on-premises servers and servers in OpenText SaaS, fill a relevant VPN questionnaire.

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