Add comments

This task describes how to add comments for an ALM entity.

What comments are used for

Comments is a rich memo field, used mainly for collaboration and discussion among stakeholders. Note that comments can be edited by any users and are not meant to serve for auditing or tracking.

If you want to learn more about the auditing capabilities, see Display ALM history.

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How to add comments

  1. In the Comments section of an ALM entity, click Add Comment.

    A new section is added to the Comments box, displaying your full name, username (in angle brackets), and the database's current date.

    Note: If the SHOW_FULL_NAME_IN_COMMENT parameter is set to N, your full name is not displayed.

  2. Enter and format your comment.

    When you add comments, ALM allows you to edit and remove the existing comments, including the comment headers.

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