Baselines Tab

This view displays baseline history for a selected entity. You can view and compare all versions of the entity that are stored in a baseline.

To access

Select an entity in the tree or grid, and click History tab > Baselines tab.

Available from the following modules: Requirements, Business Components, Test Plan, Test Resources.

Relevant tasks

How to Use Libraries and Baselines in ALM

See also

Baselines Overview

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element



The name of the baseline in which the entity is stored.


The library for which the baseline was created.


The date the baseline was created.

Created By

The name of the user who created the baseline.


The version number of the entity stored in the selected baseline.

Available in version control enabled projects only.

Opens a Details dialog box, displaying read-only details for the version of the entity stored in the selected baseline. Select an option on the sidebar to view additional information, such as Test Coverage and Attachments. The buttons displayed depend on the type of entity selected in the tree or grid.

Note: If you are viewing information for a UFT One GUI test, clicking the Test Script button opens the test in a UFT One viewer, enabling you to view the test or open the test in UFT One. For details, refer to the UFT One help.

Opens the Compare Entities dialog box, enabling you to compare two selected baseline versions. For details, see Compare Entities Dialog Box.

To compare two baseline versions, press the Ctrl key and select the versions. Then click the Compare button.

Description for selected baseline

The description typed by the user when creating the baseline.