Compare Baselines Tool Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to compare two baselines in a library, or compare a baseline to the current entities in the library. For example, you can compare baselines at different stages of development to review and assess the impact of changes made to requirements in your project.

To access

In the Libraries module, right-click a baseline, click Compare To, and choose one of the following:

  • Select Baseline. Compares the baseline you selected with another baseline in the library. Opens the Select Baseline dialog box. Click the browse button to select a baseline from the list.

  • Current Entities. Compares the baseline you selected with the current entities in the library.

Important information
  • ALM does not consider changes made to Target Release and Target Cycle fields when determining whether an entity has been modified.

  • If coverage or traceability between two entities was deleted and then added again, those entities are considered modified.

  • Coverage of tests or requirements in the library by entities outside of the library is not considered when comparing baselines.

Relevant tasks

How to Use Libraries and Baselines in ALM

See also

Baselines Overview

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element



Enables you to view comparison results for entities by module. For example, select Tests to view comparison results for the Test Plan module.

The sidebar displays only the modules that are included in the library.

Comparison Settings. Opens the Comparison Settings dialog box, enabling you to define settings for comparing baselines. For details, see Comparison Settings Dialog Box.

Compare Entities. Opens a Compare Entities dialog box, enabling you to view details of the entity in each baseline. For details, see Compare Entities Dialog Box.

Export Comparison Results. Enables you to save the baseline comparison results in .csv file format. After saving, the file opens in the default application defined for opening .csv files on your computer, such as Microsoft Excel.

<Baseline identification bar>

Located at the top of each baseline pane, indicates the name of the baseline displayed in the pane below.

Details. Opens a Details dialog box, enabling you to view details of the selected entity stored in the baseline.

Select an entity and click the Details button.

For example, select a requirement in one of the panes. The Requirement Details dialog box opens and displays details of the requirement in the baseline.

Go to Next/Previous Change. Moves to the next/previous change for the selected module.

<Counter bar>

Located above each baseline pane, displays the number of entities that were added, modified, deleted, or moved, according to change status.

<Left pane>

Displays entities stored in the older baseline.

<Right pane>

Displays entities stored in the more recently created baseline or current entities.


Displays the library's entities in the same hierarchical structure as defined in the selected module.


Indicates differences between the two baselines. Possible values include the following:

  • Added. The entity did not exist in the older baseline.

  • Modified. There is a difference in the entity between the baselines.

  • Absent. The entity does not exist in the newer baseline.

  • Moved. The entity is in a different location in the tree structure in the newer baseline.

  • Moved and Modified. The entity has changed and has been moved to a different location in the tree.

A deleted or moved entity is displayed in its original location in the tree, indicated by a placeholder. This maintains the hierarchical structure, enabling you to compare changes between baselines.