Content Tab

This tab enables you to select or view the entities included in a library.

To access

Use one of the following:

  • In the Libraries module, select a library and click the content tab.

  • In the New Library dialog box or the Library Details dialog box, click content on the sidebar.

Important information

When you select tests to include in a library, you do not need to select related entities that a test needs to run, such as its called tests and test resources. When you create a baseline for the library, ALM automatically includes those related entities in the baseline.

Relevant tasks

How to Use Libraries and Baselines in ALM

See also

Libraries Overview

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element



Requirements module content for the library.


Test Resources module content for the library.


Business Components module content for the library.


Test Plan module content for the library.

Select an option for including tests in the library:

  • Tests in selected folders. Enables you to select folders in the tree to include in the library.

  • Tests covering selected requirements. Includes only the tests that cover the requirements that are selected for the library.

    Note: Selecting this option clears any previous selection or filter defined in this tab.

Refresh. Refreshes the tab so that it displays the most up-to-date information.

Filter. Enables you to filter the entities in the tree.

The filter determines the following:

  • the folders and records that are displayed and available for selection in the content tab

  • the entities that are included when you create a baseline or import the library

Note: Creating a relative filter for a library, such as filtering by the Test Plan Path field, is not supported. If the library is then imported to create a new library, the baseline that is created automatically after import, which is the basis for future comparison and synchronization, is based on the relative filter and does not function properly within the imported library.

<Filter status bar>

Describes the filter currently applied to the tree. Located directly above the libraries tree.

<Left pane>

The entity tree for the selected module. Displays the folders that are available for selection.

Select a folder to include it in the library. contents of the selected folder are displayed in the right pane.

Note: In the Requirements tab, you can also select individual requirements.

<Right pane>

Displays the child entities of the selected folder. The contents displayed may change over time, according to changes made in the module.

This pane is not displayed in the Requirements tab. All requirements are displayed in the tree in the left pane.