Similar Defects Dialog Box/Pane

The Similar Defects dialog box enables you to check for similar defects before submitting a new defect. The Similar Defects pane enables you to check for similar defects at any time from the Defects grid.

To access

In the Defects grid or the New Defect dialog box, select a defect and click the Find Similar Defects   button.

Select either Find Similar Defects or Find Similar Text.

Important information
  • Checking for similar defects is done by comparing a selected defect with other defects in your project or by comparing defects to a text string.

  • When performing a Find Similar operation, results are displayed with the most likely candidates on top. If no similar defects are found, a message is displayed.

Relevant tasks

Work with defects in ALM

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element


Search for:

Text string to find.

Letter case does not affect the results.

The following are ignored:

  • articles (a, an, the);

  • coordinate conjunctions (and, but, for, nor, or);

  • boolean operators (and, or, not, if, then);

  • wildcards (?, *, [ ])

Proximity %

When searching for similar text, ALM limits the results of defects found to those with a minimum similarity according to this percentage.

Default: ALM returns defects with a similarity of at least 25 percent.


Start search.

Select columns. Opens the Select Columns dialog box, enabling you to determine which fields to display in the grid and their order. For details, see Arrange columns.

Searchable Fields. The fields used to find similar defects. The fields are read-only.

Go To. Locates the selected defect in the Defects grid.


List of similar defects. For details of the fields displayed for the similar defects, see Defects Module Fields.


The number of the current defect in relation to the total number of similar defects found.

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