About the Workflow Examples

The workflow examples presented in this section perform several types of tasks. The following table lists the examples that illustrate each type of task.

Workflow Task

See Examples

dialog box customization

Example: Customizing a Defects Module Dialog Box

Example: Changing Tab Names

field value automation

Example: Adding a Template to a Memo Field

Example: Changing One Field Based on Another Field

Example: Changing a Field Based on the User Group

data validation

Example: Object Validation

Example: Field Validation

dynamic field customization

Example: Presenting a Dynamic Field List

Example: Changing Field Properties when a Field Changes

user permission control

Example: Controlling User Permissions


Example: Adding Button Functionality

error handling

Example: Error Handling

using OTA to obtain session parameters

Example: Obtaining Session Properties

sending mail

Example: Sending Mail

using the Settings object

Example: Storing the Last Values Entered

copying values between modules

Example: Copying Field Values to Another Object