Monitor ALM Robot activities

When you open ALM Robot, the dashboard displays all the activities. You can view activity details, abort running activities, and download logs.

View activity details

You can open an activity to see all projects (tasks) processed by the activity.

To view the details of an activity:

  1. In the ALM Robot dashboard, click the Activity ID number of the activity.

    You can click Add filter to filter activities by ID, Status, Name, Type, and Start Date.

  2. Check out the following information for the activity:


    Projects that have lab extensions are dependent on Lab_Project, and projects that are linked to a template are dependent on the template project.
    Status The execution status of each project, Passed or Failed.
    Progress Status Hover over each point in the Progress Status column to see the status of each action performed on each project.
    Duration The time it takes to process each project within the activity.
  3. To export logs for a project, select the project and click Export Logs.

    Note: It may take a while if you export logs for a large number of projects.

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Abort an activity

You can abort any running activities to stop them.

To abort an activity:

  1. In the ALM Robot dashboard, select the running activity you want to abort.

  2. In the pop-up dialog box, select one of the following options and click OK.

    • Abort running task in activity. The currently running tasks and all remaining tasks in the queue will be aborted.

    • Complete running task. The currently running tasks will be completed and all remaining tasks in the queue will not be started.

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