Undo checkouts using ALM Robot

You can use ALM Robot to undo checkouts to cancel the changes you made on checked out entities. This reverts a version-controlled project to its state before the checkouts.

Consider the following before you undo checkouts using ALM Robot.

To undo checkouts using ALM Robot:

  1. Prerequisite: To run the Undo checkout activity, you must be assigned the project administrator of the selected projects. For details, see Add users to a project.

    Alternatively, you can set the ROBOT_AUTO_ADD_USER site parameter to Y. For details, see Customize ALM Robot.

  2. In Site Administration, select Tools > ALM Robot to open the wizard.

  3. In the Activity Settings page of the wizard, define the activity settings and click Next.

    Activity Name Enter a name for your activity.
    Type Select Undo checkout.
    Select Projects Source

    Determine the source location of the projects to be selected. The source depends on where your site administration database schema is located.

    • Target. To undo checkouts for projects already upgraded to the current ALM version, select Target as the source.

    • Origin. To undo checkouts for projects on previous ALM versions, select Origin as the source.

    Target Details

    Specify the URL, Base Repository Path, and Database of for the Target source.

    Origin Details

    Not applicable when you select Target as the source.

    Origin Instance. Select an ALM instance (environment) from which you will select the projects.

    If no environments are defined, click Edit Env list to add environments. For details on adding ALM environments, see Customize ALM Robot.

  4. In the Project Selection page, select the projects for which you want to undo checkouts and click Next.

    To select projects, use the arrows to move projects between panes, and to move them up and down in the list.

  5. In the Summary page, review the activity summary.

  6. Click Submit to start the validation process.

    If the validation process is completed successfully, the activity begins processing. The dashboard window opens. See Monitor ALM Robot activities.

    If ALM Robot detects an error while validating the selected projects, fix the error and click Submit.

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