View license usage

You use the Licenses > License Usage Report tab in Site Administration to view license usage report and customer license assignment summary (for SaaS only).

License usage report

The license usage report enables you to view and analyze how each type of license is consumed at the site level from different perspectives.

Note: The license usage report is available to users with the Usage Report permission.


  • You can monitor the number of licensed users that have connected to an ALM site over a selected period of time.

  • You can analyze the usage level of each module and extension, and track the peak usage level in the current month.

  • You can filter records by domains, projects, or license types.

Example: You may want to charge each department in your organization according to license usage. You can filter by projects in a specific department to view license usage for the department. You can also view license usage for a specific group of users by filtering according to selected users.

Filter usage report

You can filter the usage report by the following:

Time periods

To filter by time periods, click and select a set period or Custom Period.

If you select Custom Period, specify the time range.

Domains, projects, users

To filter by domains, projects, or users, click Filter.

For on-premises:

  • To filter by projects, select Project, and then select the projects you want to include. To filter all projects in the domain, select the domain folder.

  • To filter by users, select User, and then select the users you want to include.

For SaaS:

  • To filter by customer, from the Customer filter, select the target customer.

  • To filter by domains/projects, from the Projects filter, select the target domains/projects.

License types To filter by license types, switch the report to the Line Chart view, and click the legends of the license types you want to hide.

Customize Line Chart view

You can determine how information appears in the Line Chart view.

Zoom in or out

Use the scale below the graph to increase or decrease the granularity of information.

Show or hide total values

Click the Show Total Values button to switch between displaying and hiding a total value in the graph.

Rotate bottom labels

Click the Rotate Bottom Labels button to switch between vertical and horizontal displays of x-axis labels.

Export usage report

You can export the usage report to a file.

  1. Filter the usage report if necessary.

  2. Switch the usage report to the Data Grid view, and click .

  3. Select a file type.

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View customer license status

Available for: SaaS only

From the Licenses > License Usage Report > Customer License Status tab, you can view a summary of license assignment for the active customer and its child customers.


You should have the View Usage Report permission to access the Customer License Status tab.

License assignment summary

The following table explains how to read the license assignment summary:

Column Description
Table breadcrumb

By default, the breadcrumb above the table displays the active customer name.

If you expand a child customer, the table lists its domains and child customers (if any). The breadcrumb above the table displays <active customer name> > <child customer name>. You can click a breadcrumb path to expand the corresponding customer.

Customer/Domain Name

By default, this column lists:

  • The active customer.

  • All domains under the active customer.

  • (If any) The child customers of the active customer.

If you expand a child customer, this column lists:

  • The child customer.

  • All domains under the child customer.

  • (If any) The end customers of the child customer.

License In Use Displays the number of licenses that are used by each listed customer and domain.
Total Assigned

Displays the total number of quotas assigned to the current parent customer. It is the sum of the following:

  • Quotas assigned to all domains under the customer.

  • Quotas assigned to the child customers of the customer.

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