Enable or disable Quality Insight

This topic describes how to enable Quality Insight for your projects.

Enable or disable Quality Insight at site level

You enable Quality Insight at site level, and then project administrators can enable it at project level.

To enable or disable Quality Insight at site level:

  1. From the Site Administration masthead, select Tools > Quality Insight.

  2. In the Quality Insight Settings window, define the following.

    Field Description
    Quality Insight Status Turns on or off Quality Insight at site level.
    Quality Insight Server Enter the Quality Insight server in the format of http://<server_address>:<port_number>, and click Test Connection to see if the server can be connected.
    User Name Select a user as the dedicated Quality Insight user. Quality Insight returns data of the projects where the dedicated user belongs.
  3. Click Save.

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Enable or disable Quality Insight at project level

After Quality Insight is enabled at site level, project administrators can enable Quality Insight per project.

For SaaS: Before enabling Quality Insight for a project, first enable it at site level and then at customer level.

For details about managing customers, see Customer management.

To enable or disable Quality Insight for a project:

  1. Open Site Administration > Projects tab.
  2. From the projects list, select a project.
  3. In the Details tab, Quality Insight section, click Enable Quality Insight.

    After you enable Quality Insight, the Quality Insight dedicated user is automatically added to the project.

    To disable Quality Insight, click Disable Quality Insight.

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