View dashboards

The Dashboard tab of Web Client enables you to view the dashboards that were added for your project from the desktop client.

Available dashboards in Web Runner

Dashboards that are available in the Dashboard tab of Web Client should meet the following requirements:

  • The dashboards are displayed in Standard mode.

    Dashboards that are displayed in Classic mode are not available in this tab.

    For details about dashboard display mode, see Switch dashboard display mode.

  • You have the view access to the dashboards.

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View a dashboard from Web Client

Follow the steps below to view a dashboard from Web Client:

  1. Go to the Dashboard tab.
  2. From the dashboards tree, select the target dashboard.

    Search dashboard. Enter a keyword to search for the dashboards that contain the keyword in the name.

    Created by me. Select it to filter only the dashboards that were created by yourself.

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