What's New in ALM 12.55

This section provides an overview of the features that were introduced or enhanced in ALM 12.55.

License sharing with ALM Octane

You can now allocate licenses from ALM to ALM Octane. Within ALM Octane these licenses provide you with Enterprise edition features. If you need more licenses in ALM Octane you can allocate more from ALM, and if need fewer in ALM Octane you can reduce the number of licenses allocated from ALM. For details, see Manage licenses in the ALM Octane help.

Export and import projects over 4 GB

You can now export or import ALM projects greater than 4 GB.

Note: You can import projects only within the same version.

For more details on exporting ALM projects, see Exporting Projects.

For more details on importing ALM projects see Importing Projects.

Secure connection to the ALM mail server

When configuring the mail service to send email messages to ALM users, you can now configure the mail settings either manually or using AutoDiscover. You can also secure the connection using SSL or StartTLS. For details, see Setting the Mail Protocol.

Audit the history of attachments

You can now execute queries against the AUDIT_LOG table to track history data for attachments. To enable history for attachments, set the AUDIT_ATTACHMENTS site parameter to 'Y'.

Note: Not available in a version control enabled project.

For details on querying project tables, see Querying Project Tables.

Display calls to template tests in project reports

If your design steps include calls to template tests, you can now display the called tests in your project report. When creating a project report, add the Design Steps sub-section to your report.

For details on calling template tests, see Design tests.

For details on creating project reports, see Create and configure project reports.

Install and run on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

You can now install and run ALM on Amazon Web Services (AWS). For details, see http://admhelp.microfocus.com/alm/specs/alm-qc-system-requirements.htm.

Review supported environments

Here are some of the main additions we've made to the supported system environments:

Operating systems

Microsoft Windows Server 2016

Database servers

Microsoft SQL Server 2016

For a complete listing of supported environments, see http://admhelp.microfocus.com/alm/specs/alm-qc-system-requirements.htm

Work with the latest version of Sprinter

Sprinter 14.01 includes the following new features:

  • Ability to change the order of tests through drag and drop
  • Data Injection for tables
  • Improvements for Storyboard screen captures:

    • Ability to capture the AUT user interface instead of the entire desktop
    • Ability to capture the last screen when ending a run

For more information on Sprinter, to download the new service pack, and to access Sprinter documentation, see https://marketplace.microfocus.com/appdelivery/content/sprinter.

Access the most up-to-date ALM online help

When clicking context-sensitive help, ALM now links directly to the online ALM Help Center. This enables you to use the most recent version available of the ALM online help.

If your organization has firewall restrictions that prevent you from using the online Help Center, you can download and deploy the Help Center on your local server.

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