Introducing ALM

OpenTextâ„¢ Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) empowers organizations to manage the core application lifecycle, from requirements through deployment, granting application teams the crucial visibility and collaboration needed for predictable, repeatable, and adaptable delivery of modern applications.

Get started

New to ALM?

Follow the steps in the ALM tutorial.

Explore the need-to-know about how ALM delivers values: Busting ALM Myths.

Understand the ALM flow

Explore the ALM lifecycle.

Watch videos

See ALM video gallery.

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Install and configure ALM

Install ALM

Install ALM on Windows or Linux machine.

Configure and customize ALM

Site Administration

Project customization

Workflow customization

Work with ALM API

See ALM API references.

Explore your ALM options

Upgrade to the latest ALM version, migrate to ALM SaaS, or evolve to ALM Octane.

See Explore your ALM options.

Learn more

For more insights on working with ALM, resources, and case studies, see ALM at

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