Project customization

As an ALM project administrator, you use Project Customization to control access to a project by defining the users who can access the project and by determining the types of tasks each user can perform. You can also customize a project to meet the specific requirements of your organization.

Project customization overview

The following table summarizes what you can do to customize projects.

Task Description
Manage users in a project

You can add and remove users from an ALM project. You can also assign users to user groups to restrict user access privileges.

Manage user groups and permissions

You can assign privileges to user groups by specifying permission settings. This includes specifying transition rules and hiding data.

Customize project entities

You can modify system fields and add user-defined fields for project entities.

Customize requirement types

You can add requirement types to your ALM project and define which fields are available and which fields are required for each requirement type.

Customize field lists

You can add custom field lists to a project. A field list contains values that users can enter in system fields or user-defined fields.

Cross project customization

You can use cross project customization to apply customization from a template project to one or more linked projects.

Customize risk-based quality management

You can customize criteria and criterion values for risk-based testing, and customize default testing efforts and testing levels.

Workflow customization

You can write workflow scripts to customize the ALM desktop client user interface, and to control the actions that users can perform.

Configure automail

You can set up automatic mail notification rules to inform users using email about defect field changes.

Activate alert rules

You can activate alert rules to instruct ALM to create alerts and send email when changes occur in the project.

Customize project planning and tracking KPIs

You can create and customize the project planning and tracking (PPT) KPIs.

Create and design project report templates

You can create and design report templates that project users can assign to template-based reports.

Configure Business Process Testing

You can configure Business Process Testing and BPT Packaged Apps Kit.

Business Views

You can create business views which can be used as a basis for creating reports in the Analysis View module.

Configure Sprinter

You can configure settings for working with Sprinter for manual testing in ALM.

Customize Digital Lab enabled projects

You can customize the settings of a Digital Lab enabled project by overriding the default Digital Lab configurations defined at the site level.

Customize IDE Connector

You can perform the necessary customizations to work with Application Lifecycle Intelligence.

Applicable only if you enable the ALM Dev Extension. For details about IDE Connector Customizer, see IDE Connector Customizer add-In.

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Open and close Project Customization

You customize projects in the Project Customization window.

To open or close Project Customization:

  1. Open ALM Desktop Client. For details, see Start ALM using ALM Client Launcher.

  2. On the masthead, click Tools and select Customize.

  3. To exit the Project Customization window and return to your ALM project, click Return in the upper-right corner of the window.

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Save project customization changes

You can save a customization change as a major change or a minor change. The option you select determines if the customization is reloaded when a user reconnects after a session expires.

Major change

The default option.

When a user session expires and the user reconnects, customization reloads.

We recommend that you use this option only for critical changes that must be made available to users as soon as possible. Limiting major changes enables users to quickly reconnect without reloading customization. For example, you might use this option when adding a required user-defined field.

Minor change

When a user session expires and the user reconnects, customization does not reload.

If at least one major customization change has been made since the last login, customization is reloaded when a user reconnects. This includes all major and minor customization changes that have been made between the last time the user logged in and the current login time.

To select a save option for a customization change:

  1. After making changes to project customization, click Return to exist the Project Customization window.

  2. In the Customization Changes dialog box, select a save option and click OK.

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