Manage user groups and permissions

You can control access to ALM projects and modules by defining the user groups that can open them, and by determining the types of tasks each user group can perform according to permission levels.

About managing user groups and permissions

Consider the following about user groups and permissions.

Default user groups

ALM includes predefined groups with default permissions. Each group has access to certain ALM tasks.

The default user groups include:

  • TDAdmin

  • QATester

  • Project Manager

  • Developer

  • Viewer

Custom user groups

When a project requires that certain user groups have permissions that are outside the scope of their default permissions, you can add your own custom user groups and assign each group a unique set of permissions.

Cross project customization

Working with a template project: User groups created in a template project are added in the linked projects when you apply the template customization. The users assigned to the user group in the template project are not applied to linked projects.

Working with a linked project: User groups defined by a template project are displayed with a template icon in the linked project. You can assign users to user groups defined by the template project.

For details about cross project customization, see Cross project customization.

After you set user group permissions, you can also define the ALM modules to which you want to give a user group access. When a user group member logs in to a project, only the authorized modules are displayed.

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Create custom user groups

If default user groups do not meet the needs of your project, you can create custom user groups for your project. When you add a new user group, you set the group's permissions based on an existing user group.

To create a custom user group:

  1. In the Project Customization window, in the left pane, click Groups and Permissions.

  2. Click New Group to create a new group, and provide the following information.

    Group Name

    Enter a name for the group. A group name cannot include the following characters:

    ( ) @ \ / : * ? " ` < > | + = ; , %

    Set As

    Assign the permissions of an existing user group to the new group.

    Select an existing user group that has similar access permissions to the new user group. This minimizes the level of customization you need to do.

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Rename or delete a custom user group

You can rename or delete any custom user groups.

Before you rename or delete custom user groups

Consider the following before you rename or delete a custom user group.

  • If you are working with a project that is linked to a template project, you cannot rename or delete a user group defined by the template project.

  • If you delete a user group from a template project, ALM does not delete the group from the linked projects. After you next apply template customization to the linked projects, the user group is no longer read-only in the project and can be modified, renamed, or deleted by the project administrator.

To rename or delete a user group:

  1. In the Project Customization window, in the left pane, click Groups and Permissions.

  2. From the group list, select a group.

  3. To rename the group, click Rename Group . Enter a new name for the group and click OK.

  4. To delete the group, Click Delete Group and click Yes in the confirmation dialog box.

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Edit a user group

You can do the following to edit a user group:

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