Manage users in a project

You can add and remove users from an ALM project. You can also assign users to user groups to restrict user access privileges.


For each ALM project, you manage the project users in the following way:

  1. Add valid users to the project from the site users list.

    The site users list is created in Site Administration. For details, see User management.

  2. Assign each project user to a user group.

    Each group has permissions to perform certain ALM tasks.

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Add a user to a project

You can add an existing site user or a new user to a project, and remove users from the project.

Alternatively, you can add users to projects from Site Administration. See Add users to a project and Assign projects to users.

To add a user to a project:

  1. In the Project Customization window, in the left pane, click Project Users.

    Tip: You can click the Name column to sort according to usernames or click the Full Name column to sort according to full names.

  2. Click the down arrow to the right of the Add User button. Add users to the project using one of the following options.

    Add User By Name

    Opens the Add User dialog box. Enter the username of an existing site user. Click OK.

    Add New User to Site

    Opens the Add New User to Site dialog box. Enter the details for the new user and click OK.


    • This option is available when the ADD_NEW_USERS_FROM_PROJECT parameter is set to Y. For details, see Set configuration parameters.

    • For smart card authentication, enter the email from the smart card in E-mail and the common name (CN) from the smart card in Description. For single sign-on (SSO) authentication, enter the email and the username in Description.

    Add Users from Site

    Opens the Add Users from Site dialog box. Select the users you want to add to the project and click OK.

    Tip: You can refresh the list of users with the Refresh button, and search for existing users by name with the Find button.

  3. Click Save.

To remove a user from a project:

To ensure the security of a project, remove any users who are no longer working on the project. Removing a user from a project does not delete the user from ALM.

  1. Select the user from the Project Users list, and click Remove User.

  2. Click Yes in the confirmation dialog box and click Save.

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Assign a user to a user group

After you add a user to the project, you can assign the user to one or more user groups.

Consider the following user group guidelines:

  • By default, new users are assigned to the project as members of the Viewer user group.

  • You can change the access privileges for existing users at any time by changing the user group.

To assign a user to a user group:

  1. In the Project Customization window, in the left pane, click Project Users.

  2. From the Project Users list, select the user you want to assign to a user group and click the Membership tab.

  3. To assign the selected user to a user group, click the user group in the Not Member of list and click the right arrow button .

    To remove the user from the currently selected user group, click the user group name in the Member of list and click the left arrow button .

    To move all the user groups from one list to the other, click the double arrow buttons .

    Note: The Member of list can never be empty. A user must always belong to at least one user group.

  4. Click Save.

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