Known issues

This is a technology preview, enabling you to experiment with AI Codeless testing.

This topic describes the known issues when working with AI Codeless Testing.

Remote access window indicator

When you manually close the remote access window, the green-dot indicator on the environment card may still indicate a connection.

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Test step syntax

When writing a test, do not include apostrophes, single quotes, or double quotes in a string.

Example: This step is not valid: Type 'Boy's shirt' into 'Description' field

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Testing mobile web applications

  • When selecting an application to test, do not select the UFTM Browser application.

    To test a web application on a mobile device, select the Mobile Web radio button and provide a URL to use for the application.

  • Supported browsers: 

    Android: Chrome

    iOS: Chrome, Chromium-based Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer.

  • When working with iOS applications, the following is not supported: 

    • Running steps that include text input from the AI Inspection window.

    • Recording steps that include text input.

  • If your launched mobile environment opened a native mobile app, you cannot then highlight objects in a mobile web app, and vice versa.

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Soft menu buttons

When writing a test, make sure not to click soft menu buttons, for example, the Home, Back, and Switch Apps buttons at the bottom of a device.

These buttons are not supported when running the test.

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AI Record

The following issues exist when you use the AI Record in AI Codeless Testing.

Combo box not supported

When you use AI Record to record on an application, combo boxes are not identified by AI.

Combo boxes are not supported when inspecting an application.

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The following issues exist when you use the built-in Spy to add test steps in AI Codeless Testing.

Select operation not supported for Web tables For a Web table, only the Click operation is supported when you spy on an object in the table. If you change the operation of a step added by using the Spy to Select, the step execution fails.

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Failed to run AI-based test scripts

Firefox browser AI-based test scripts fail to run on Firefox browser if there is a pop-up window at the bottom of the browser.
Calender object You cannot run AI-based test scripts that contain calender objects.

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Dual monitors

When working with dual monitors, make sure that both AI Codeless Testing and the application you are testing are visible on the primary monitor.

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