Add environments to applications

After creating an environment, you need to add it to an application. You can use the same environment for multiple applications.

For details on how to create environments, see Create environments.

Note: When you add a pipeline to an application, the environments in the pipeline are automatically added to the application. Environments that are part of a pipeline are grouped together in a section labeled with the pipeline name.

To add an environment to an application:

  1. In Deployment Automation, navigate to Management > Applications > [select application] > Environments.

  2. Click Add Environment.

  3. Enter the environment information:

    Field Description
    Environment Select an environment. For details about creating environments, see Create environments.
    Require Approvals

    (Optional) Select this option to require an approval before components can be deployed to the environment. This way, Deployment Automation enforces an approval process before deploying to the environment.

    Typically, initial deployments run in uncontrolled environments. But when the deployment is successful, you can configure an approvals process, as the application moves along the development pipeline.

    If you are setting up multiple environments, we recommend creating an approval process for at least one of them.

    Lock Snapshots (Optional) Select this option to lock all snapshots used in the environment, to prevent changes.
    Inherit Cleanup Settings

    (Optional) This option determines how many component versions can keep their contents in CodeStation and for how long.

    By default, the environment inherits version cleanup configuration from the settings of each component.

    To change the default settings, clear this option and set the following parameters:

    • Days to keep versions. Specify for how long, in days, to keep the contents of component versions. Default: -1, keep indefinitely.

    • Number of versions to keep. Specify for how many versions to keep the contents. Default: -1, keep all versions.

    Cleaned up versions are displayed as inactive and archived in the user interface, and their content is permanently removed from the repository. For details, see Component version cleanup.

    Map All Resources (Optional) Select this option to automatically add all the environment's resources and resource groups to the application's components.
  4. Click Save.

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