Configure email notifications

You can instruct Deployment Automation to send email notifications whenever user-defined trigger events occur.

For example, notifications can be sent when a deployment finishes or an approval is required.

To send email notifications to users:

  • Define notification templates or use the provided templates. These define the format of notification emails for different types of notifications.
  • Define the notification schemes you want to use or use the default scheme. These define the triggering events and roles for the notifications.
  • Include an email ID as part of the user details for each user who receives email notifications. See Create and manage users.
  • Define the email server information in system settings. See Change system settings.
  • If you are sending notifications for applications or agents, select the notification scheme in the specific applications or agents for which you want to send notifications.
  • When the triggering event defined in the notification scheme is invoked, an email notification is sent. The trigger happens when a process request either succeeds or fails and is sent only to users who have a role in the notification scheme.

Example of a typical use of notifications:

  1. When an application process runs in an environment requiring approval, an email is triggered indicating that the process request needs approval.
  2. When the request is approved, the approval process completes and an email is triggered indicating that the application process is ready to run.
  3. After the application process completes, an email is triggered to inform about the success of failure of the process.

For details about email notification schemes and templates, see the following topics:

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