Create and edit roles

As an administrator or a user with the Security permission, you can create new user roles and change permissions of existing roles.

To create or edit a role:

  1. In Deployment Automation, navigate to Administration > Security.

  2. Select the Role Configuration tab.

  3. In the side pane, select the area where you want to add or edit a role. For example, to create a role that manages applications, select Applications.

  4. Choose what you want to do:

    Action Description
    Create a role
    1. Click the Create Role button.

    2. In the Create Role dialog box, enter a role name and an optional description, and select permissions you want to grant to the role.

    3. Click Save.

    Change the role's permissions
    1. Click Edit next to the role.

    2. In the Edit Role dialog box, change permissions as needed.

    3. Click Save.

    For most product areas, Deployment Automation provides a default Admin role with preconfigured permissions. For details, see Default roles.

    There are exceptions for server and user interface roles. For details, see Server roles and system security and Web UI roles and UI security.

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