Create network relays

Use network relays to manage the communication between servers in multiple-server configurations.

To configure server-to-agent communication for agent-initiated or server-initiated HTTP(S) communication, use agent relays. For details, see Manage agent relays.

To view available network relays, navigate to Management > Resources, select the Relays tab, and click the Network Relays filter.

To create a network relay:

  1. In the Deployment Automation user interface, navigate to Management > Resources.

  2. Select the Relays tab, and click the Network Relays filter.

  3. On the Network Relays page, click Create.

  4. In the Create Network Relay dialog box, provide the following details:

    Field Description
    Name Enter a name for the server.
    Description (Optional) Enter additional information about the server.
    Host Enter ip_servern, where ip_servern is the IP address of server 1 (this server) through n. This is the remote host name or IP address to which the current server connects.
    JMS Port Enter the JMS port number, such as 7918, that the current server uses to connect to another server through the network relay.
    Active Select this option to instruct the server to start the connection with another server using the network relay.
  5. Click Save.

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