Before running a deployment history cleanup, review guidelines in this topic.


  • Schedule cleanups for a low or no activity time. While running, the cleanup may affect Deployment Automation performance and result in process execution delays.
  • To avoid confusion after deployment history is removed, notify users about the scheduled cleanup.
  • Back up your Deployment Automation database in case of system failure during the cleanup.
  • Before configuring the cleanup settings, verify that you have proper permissions.

To verify permissions:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Security > Role Configuration > Web UI.

  2. Ensure that the Clean Deployment History permission is selected for your role for each of the following product areas:

    • Web UI
    • Applications
    • Environments
  3. Ensure that you have membership in the role. For details about roles, see Role configuration.

Note: In Administration > Security > Default Permissions, you can set the Clean Deployment History permission for All Users Permissions and Groups Permissions. This causes the permission to be set whenever new users or groups are created. However, because the cleanup should be run only by select users in a controlled situation, we recommend that you do not add this permission as a default.

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