Role configuration

Roles provide the building blocks for the security system, and role permissions define the actions that can be performed with product features.

Typical actions include changing or running an item, such as an application process, or modifying its security settings.

Users or groups assigned to a role are automatically granted the permissions configured for the role. As an administrator or a user with the Security permission, you can create new roles and edit the default ones. For details, see Create and edit roles.

For an overview of default roles, see Default roles.

Deployment Automation maps key product features or areas to security roles. Each area has a set of defined permissions. When creating roles, you first select the product area for which you then add a role. Specifying a product area defines permissions available to the new role.

To assign permissions, navigate to Administration > Security in the Deployment Automation user interface and select a tab:

System Security Select this tab to assign usage permissions, including the permission to define security for other users. For details, see Server roles and system security.
UI Security Select this tab to assign access permissions to the different areas of the Deployment Automation web interface. For details, see Web UI roles and UI security.

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