Schedule deployments

Deployment Automation has a built-in deployment scheduling system that enables you to automatically run deployments for applications or deployment packages at specified times.

You can schedule a one-time run or choose to deploy on a cycle that meets your needs.

To schedule a deployment:

  1. Navigate to Deployment > Timeline.

  2. Click Schedule and select what to deploy:
    • Application process
    • Deployment package
  3. In the schedule dialog box, follow the wizard and select the appropriate properties for the deployment.

  4. Under Schedule, set the time zone and select the date and time for the deployment, according to the time zone.
  5. (Optional) To deploy on a regular schedule, select Recurring and define the recurring pattern:

    Pattern Description
    Repeat every Specify how often you want to run the deployment in days, weeks, months, or years.

    For example, to run the process once a day, enter 1 and select Day from the list of options.
    Repeat on For the Week pattern, select the exact days of the week, from Sunday to Saturday, on which you want to run the deployment.
    Monthly options

    For the Month pattern, select one of the following:

    • On the exact day of the month. Select this option to run the deployment on a specific calendar day. In the Day field, enter the day of the month. For example, to schedule the process on the 10th of the month, enter 10.
    • Relative date. Select this option to run on a relative day of the month. In the Repeat On field, set the pattern, for example, last Monday of the month or third Wednesday of the month.

    Specify when to stop running the deployment:

    • Never. Select this option to continue the cycle indefinitely.
    • On. Select a calendar date on which to stop the cycle.
    • After. Enter a number of runs after which you want to stop.

    Note: When you schedule an application process in a global environment, ensure that no blackouts are planned in that environment for the time of your deployment. In Deployment Automation, navigate to Deployment > Timeline and review the calendar.

    If the application process falls within the blackout range, you cannot schedule the deployment. For details on how to exclude applications from a blackout, see Schedule global environment blackouts.

  6. Click Submit. The process remains pending until the scheduled time.

Scheduled deployments are displayed in the Deployment Timeline, where you can view, edit, or delete them.

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