Advanced inventory management

Use the Inventory Update step to implement manual inventory management for application processes.

The Inventory Update step becomes available in the process designer Component / Process window when you create an application process and you set the Inventory Management field to Advanced.

The following options are available for the Inventory Update step:

  • Add Desired Inventory
  • Remove Desired Inventory

By managing your own inventory, you can control the compliance of the inventory on the environments, based on success or failure of the deployment process.

Example: If you are trying to install a specific version of the component, and the deployment fails, you can remove that component from the inventory, so that it isn't added and the environment becomes non-compliant. If it is successful, you can add the desired component version to the inventory and the environment remains compliant.

If you use automatic inventory management, for a failed step, the inventory is not updated, but the environment remains compliant. For a successful step, both types of inventory management update the inventory and the environment remains compliant.

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