Unlock user accounts

As an administrator or a user with the Security permission, you can unlock user accounts in the Deployment Automation web interface.

Lockout guidelines

The following lockout guidelines and rules apply in Deployment Automation:

  • Deployment Automation provides the lockout mechanism for Internal Storage authentication, which is basic authentication using login and password.

  • By default, if a user enters the wrong credentials 5 times in a row, the user's account is locked out for 30 minutes. The lockout interval starts over after each subsequent unsuccessful login attempt.

    To change the lockout threshold, modify your internal authentication realm parameters. For details, see Add an Internal Storage authentication realm.

    To change the lockout interval, edit the server's da_config.xml settings. For details, see Modify the account lockout settings.

  • After the lockout threshold is reached, Deployment Automation displays a message that the user account has been locked out. When the lockout interval ends, the account is unlocked automatically.

  • To unlock a user account or change the lockout threshold, you need the Security permission. Administrators have this permission by default. As an administrator, you can grant the permission in Administration > Security > Role Configuration > DA Server. For details, see Server roles and system security.

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Unlock users

You unlock user accounts on the Administration > Security page of the user interface.

To unlock a locked user account:

  1. In Deployment Automation, navigate to Administration > Security. The Authentication (Users) page opens.

  2. In the Authentication Realms side panel, select your internal authentication realm to view the list of users. Locked accounts are indicated with the User is locked out icon .

  3. Next to the locked user account, click Unlock .

  4. Click Yes to confirm.

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